Cheryl and Luke, Montclair buyers

"Estelle helped us purchase a home that is a better fit for us than we thought would be possible, and at a reasonable price. In this market, that is saying a lot.
We are grateful for our conversations with Estelle throughout the search and purchase process. She listened, asked questions, and made suggestions that helped us clarify our preferences and figure out how we might satisfy them. She shared nuggets of wisdom such as "Think about the house you are buying, but also the house you hope to achieve", which helped us think about potential houses in a new way. House qualities range from very changeable (e.g. bathroom tiles) to totally fixed (lot size and location), and looking with that in mind helped us focus our efforts.
Estelle built rapport with our new home's listing agent and made a strong presentation of our offer, which we believe was one of the major factors that allowed us to win the house, despite the fact that our initial offer was not the highest the sellers received. Buying in a market like this can be a difficult and draining process, and we took comfort from her go-with-the-flow attitude. In summary, Estelle was an excellent partner in our house hunt.”

Juleen and Ben, Crocker Highlands buyers

“We worked with Estelle for four months as we searched for a home in the Oakland area. As you find out quickly, this area is ridiculously competitive and is not for the weak at heart! Particularly for us, as we were working with a tight budget (for this area, at least) and a traditionally financed loan, not all-cash as many of the bids that we lost out to turned out to be.
Estelle was fabulous--she is incredibly knowledgeable about the different Oakland/Berkeley neighborhoods, is super quick with paperwork and able to pull together and review contracts in just a matter of hours, and knew all the answer to our questions or had the resources to find out if she didn't. Estelle was super flexible and worked well with our style where we would attend open houses on our own then regroup with her to decide on which houses to bid on that week. Her schedule was also super flexible and she was always able to schedule viewings quickly for properties that did not have open houses. Several times we contacted her frantically in the morning asking her to submit a contract that was due at 1pm that day, and she handled it with ease and always got it in on time! We got lucky and had our offer on a house accepted last month and absolutely could not have done it without Estelle helping us out! She also continued to play an important role even after we were in contract, helping out as we juggled three different potential lenders and still magically made it to close in a short (minimally) stressful 18-day period. We could not recommend her more or sing higher praises for her--she is the best!!"

Danielle V, Oakland first time home buyer

"We had a wonderful experience with Estelle. She remained optimistic, supportive, and available throughout the house hunting process and as first time home buyers that was so important for us. She provided us with good information and worked hard to help up make the most competitive offers possible for us in this very competitive market. We were able to to have an offer accepted within 6 weeks of beginning our home search and we were able to close in 14 days! We love our new house and definitely recommend Estelle."

Sorin N, Albany first time home buyer

"Estelle is awesome, pays a lot of attention to details, always answers emails promptly."

Justin C, Oakland first time home buyer

"Estelle was great through the entire process, ensuring I was well taken care of and she was great about managing deadlines.”

Niranjan V, Oakland investor

"Estelle is great! Super responsive and understanding and has a really positive attitude (this market is tough for buyers). She is also really patient as we look at a lot of houses and decided on which one meets what we are looking for. “

Robert R, Walnut Creek first time home buyer

"Friendly agent who is very knowledgeable about the buying process. Helped us submit a competitive bid for our house and coordinated all the pieces of the buying puzzle. Very responsive to questions."

Leslie S, Oakland buyer and seller

"Estelle was fantastic. She was extremely responsive and well informed about the market/area. She was an absolute pleasure to work with!"

Paula and Mike, Berkeley first time home buyers

"Estelle is amazing! As first-time buyers, she really helped us through a mysterious process efficiently and on our schedule. My wife and I are both very busy with our work, and it was great getting things done digitally. She also worked with a lender we had already secured, and they pushed through to get our loan closed early. We couldn't recommend her more."

Jimmie and Jacqueline, Oakland first time home buyers

"It was a pleasure working with Estelle. As first time home buyers, the home buying process was confusing and full of pitfalls. Luckily, Estelle was our realtor and looked out for our best interest around the clock. She's very proactive, often 1 step ahead of everyone else. Despite her busy schedule, she always found time to make sure all parties involved was on the same page and understood what need needs to be done. This took a lot of stress off of Jackie and I because this transaction was unnecessarily complex; both listing agent/owner and lender held up the process during different stages prior to closing. If not for Estelle, this deal might've fallen apart. I would highly recommend Estelle to our friends and family and hope we can work with her again in the future."

Jingjing D, Oakland investor

"Estelle is absolutely amazing! I really enjoy working with her!"

Hamish M, Berkeley buyer

"So helpful, and very forthcoming with information and no hard sell. Relaxed and informative."

John D, Oakland buyer

“Estelle seams to get it and was more helpful in the first ten minutes than my previous broker was in the past three months.”

Wenlin and Patrick, El Cerrito first time homebuyer

"Estelle is friendly, cheerful and efficient! We are very lucky to have her. She is organized and throughout, very instrumental on getting our escrow to close on a shorter timeline. She was extremely patient and explained things we weren't familiar with! We love the home we bought!"

Jesus A, Oakland buyer

"I had a great experience working with Estelle. The communication and competence was above and beyond of what I was expecting, I am so grateful I chose Estelle to help me find the perfect home. I would recommend Estelle to my friends because of the excellent service."

Michael and Helen V, Berkeley first time home buyers

“I want to thank Estelle for all the hard work she did, and pulling this deal off when it seemed like it might fall through. We couldn't have done it without her and I am glad we had her on our team.”

Angela E, Berkeley buyer

“Estelle was very proactive about giving her opinions of the house and collecting questions to ask the listing agent. She was very informed!”

Kat and Brandon S, Berkeley buyers

“Estelle is great, super helpful and patient. Very on top of things.”